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Updating my missive from 2016 I would say that I have enjoyed being your

President more than I imagined I would.

The Club as a whole has done extremely well with the ladies winning the

Dorset Women’s League Division One and also winning the prestigious June

Culpin Trophy.

This trophy was set up by her husband and Dorset Ladies County Presidents

in her memory when she died whilst in office.

Not to be outdone the Men were equally successful winning Division One of

the Men’s League One which now elevates them to the Premiership League.

Hopefully their success will be continued.

Whilst our membership is relatively steady we could do with some more

ladies. If you know of any please encourage them to come and give it a go.

As well as the competitive side we have a very healthy friendly fixture

programme, some played at home and some away.

There are various Social events during the course of the year which are well


During various functions and games which we had last year it was pleasing

to see so many members buckling into help without having to be asked. It

was great and I hope that it will continue for the forthcoming season.

Another event which was very successful was Captain’s Day. Their charity

was. Julia’s House. Together with other bits and bobs £1000 was raised for

a very worthy cause.

I sincerely hope that the Club will be as successful this season as it was

last, and I wish everyone a happy and healthy bowling season.

Best wishes

Margaret Clapp


Priory Lane. Bridport. Dorset.   DT6 3RW

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