This week has been a busy week for Bridport Bowling Club with all the usual leagues and county competitions as well.  

Wednesday proved to be a gloomy day with low cloud and persistent drizzle.  However this did not dampen Bridport’s spirits with a win for the ladies in the next round of Top Club and a win for the men in the Double Rink.  

Pamela won the singles in Top Club by twelve shots giving the side an excellent start.  A win from Rosemary’s fours clinched the two disciplines for Bridport and enabled a win by shot difference.  It was a close game across the board, played in good spirits despite the weather.

The men followed on in the evening away to Greenhill in the Double Rink in equally foggy weather.  Both teams captained by Brian Rumble and Mike Solomon won in style with Bridport going forward to the next round again Lyme Regis.