The club will be running friendly, sociable club evenings on Thursdays from 8th July. Initially there will be four evenings on 8th, 15th, 22nd and 29th July. Providing these are successful they will be extended into August.

The format will be very similar to the club mornings. Members should arrive, sign on and pay the £2.00 rink fee before 6:15pm. Once everyone has ‘signed on’ the format will be fixed (i.e. triples, fours, number of rinks etc.). Members will then draw cards to determine their team.

Play will start at 6:30pm and end at 8:00pm. Because of the format, it is unlikely that anyone arriving after 6:15pm will be able to play, so please do be punctual!

After play finishes the bar will be open (members present to man the bar). There will also be snacks and/or light refreshments, and we hope that many players will join us for an extra hour or so.

The format is being documented and will be available on the website members area and in the clubhouse before the first event. There will be points awarded to count towards an award at the end of the season. If any evening has to be cancelled in advance for any reason (weather, covid etc.) we will put a notice on the website.

These evenings are suitable for everyone, from our newest members to the most experienced, and are obviously timed to be ‘work friendly’. If successful and well supported they may help us attract more members who are in full time employment. We hope that experienced members will help support those who have recently joined the club, and everyone will use these events to practice (much more fun than solo roll-ups!).


Thursdays from 8th July

Arrive: Before 6:15pm

If the evenings are extended into to August we may have to start slightly earlier due to daylight

Rink Fee £2.00

Dress code: casual

Snacks after the event included

If you have any questions please give Jim a call on 07770 947908

See you there

Jim & Dawn Greenfield, and Di Shatford-Butcher