Please remember that there are working parties on both 7th and 8th April at 9:00pm when we need to get the club (inside and outside!) ready for the new season.  While some of the work can be a little strenuous there are also many other lighter ‘duties’, so please do come along. Obviously, the more volunteers we have, the easier it is for everyone.

New Club Secretary

Despite the recent email being sent on April Fools Day and causing a little confusion with references to Jim and Nigel, I can confirm that I, Jim Greenfield, have indeed taken over as club secretary.

I am sure that everyone in the club will join me in thanking Laura for the enormous amount of work she has put into the club over the last few years, which has contributed to the club’s success.

The club/secretary email address will remain the same  –  My telephone number is 07770 947908 (please do not use the 01308… that appeared next to my name in previous contact lists – it is no longer used).

If you have any comments, suggestions or problems please do let me know (but don’t call me Nigel – £5 fine to club funds if you do!)

Jim Greenfield

Refreshment Rota

If you have any holidays booked or periods when you are unable to help in the bar or kitchen please email the dates to me as soon as possible at As a reminder it is every member’s responsibility to take equal turns, however the catering for the vast majority of games will only be bar drinks, tea and biscuits.

Membership Forms

Have you returned your membership forms?  The club has already had to submit members names (and subscription fees) to Bowls Dorset and Bowls England, and anyone who has not returned their forms cannot play in county, league or national competitions until they do and we make a further submission.


Start of the new season

With the green due to open for play on 13th April there are a number of things to remember when visiting the club.  After unlocking the padlock on the metal gate please MAKE SURE THE CHAIN IS THROUGH THE CLASP AND THE PADLOCK IS CLOSED. This ensures that no one can remove the padlock, which would be extremely expensive to replace due to the number of keys needed.

For the first few weeks while the green is still soft please do not use pushers, and bowl to short jacks ensuring that the mat is placed at different lengths each end. This helps avoid wear on the rinks.

Please remember that the dress code is casual for all roll ups and club mornings.

We hope to soon have a list of a few small jobs around the club which members could volunteer to undertake in their own time without the need for more working parties (weeding, gardening, cleaning, painting, minor repairs etc.). I will post this on the noticeboard inside the main door. Please do put your name next to any job you are able to help with, and then choose your own time to do it.


Please can everyone who is able to drive make every effort to share the driving duties. To compensate for the recent fuel price increases, for two months the mileage rate will be increased to 35p. This more than compensates for the increases as the mileage rate already covers fuel and a contribution towards running costs. This will be kept under review.


Please make sure you contribute to parking fees!

Team Sheets and availability

Team sheets for the first friendlies, and availability charts for league games, are already on the noticeboards. The teams for the first few friendlies need to be picked very soon, so please do visit the club as soon as possible and put your name down.

Not entered a league?

It’s not too late to put your name down for any of the leagues. Just contact the men’s or ladies captains.  Places are still available.

New Members Campaign

Over the last three years the club has lost quite a few members for all the normal unavoidable reasons.  However, far fewer new members have joined. It is difficult to give precise numbers as some forms are still being received, but overall club membership has reduced quite substantially.

The club therefore needs to recruit as many new members as possible to ensure we maintain the critical membership needed to continue the club’s activities and have a secure future.

To kick this off there will be Taster Mornings on Saturdays 23 April, 30 April, 7 May and 14 May between 10am and Midday.

Posters are being produced which we need to display anywhere where people gather.  Please can you display a poster or two in your locality or at other organisations? Examples may be your local church, local social club, community halls and community noticeboards, gyms, shops, workplaces, pubs etc.

I will send an email as soon as posters are available, and endeavour to put a copy on the website for anyone who can print one at home.

The format of the mornings will be that TWO nominated club members will welcome all attendees, provide information about the club, and give those attending a few trial ends. It would be good if other members were to use the Saturdays for a roll-up as it is always good to see people playing the sport. It will also enable the two organisers to call on help if required, but we do ask that the two organisers maintain the primary contact.

Anyone showing interest will be allocated a ‘mentor’ to help them for a few weeks, and those joining the club will be offered a reduced membership fee to encourage them, and to compensate for the fact that new members tend to play less games in the first year.

Plans are still being made, and more information will be provided very soon!

Wednesday Club Mornings

Wednesday club mornings will start at 10:30am on Wed 20th April and then every Wednesday.

To encourage new members and to be more inclusive the dress code will be CASUAL

2023 Centenary Club Tour

Lots of preliminary arrangements are being made and costs sought for the club tour in 2023.

More information regarding the tour will be available in the next few weeks.