The last Tuesday in May saw the first unofficial ‘Secretary’s Cup’, a fun evening competition where all the competitors scored points individually.

Of the 13 entrants, five had been members of the club for less than a month and put in very credible performances.

The game was played in a similar format to normal except the closest three bowls at the conclusion of each end scored points for their bowlers rather than for a team.

Every member taking part managed to score points, and had at least one of the top three bowls on at least one end.  However, every one of the new members scored on at least two ends.

After 8 ends Bill Duthie-Jones came out overall winner largely due to having the first and second bowl on the last end scoring a 5, giving a total of 17

Joint second overall were Fran Morgan and Vaughan Lake on 12, with Vaughan winning the ‘Best New Player’ cup.

Bill Duthie-Jones with his treasured trophy. After the event Bill told us “I can honestly say that never before have I won anything quite like this”.

The final scores were:

Davis Alcock4
Sarah Barney *2
Bill Duthie-Jones17
Vaughan Lake *12
Liz Kennedy9
Fran Morgan12
Nigel Morgan2
Sandy Peters *7
Denise Rhodes7
Bob Taylor9
Jane Scutt *7
Nigel Standring3
Carl Stoodley *6

* Eligible for ‘Best New Player’