Monday evening saw Bridport at home against Portland Victoria with two winning rinks and the overall score so 8 points in total.  Honours to Medland, Brooks, Shortland and Thorne.  The losing rink of Kenyon, Rumble, Smith and Jones were really unlucky to lose by one shot against stiff opposition. Bridport A were away to Portland Borstal with one winning rink of Pomeroy, Aylott, Bourne and Wilson.  There were just five shots between the teams on the overall score.

More good, and unexpected news on Tuesday for the Ladies who were playing at home against the strong opposition of Poole Park.  They ended up with two winning rinks and all the points.  The team of Mackenzie, Strange, Seadon and Willcox were trailing until the 19th end when they took a one shot lead, dropping one shot on the 20th and going into the last end equal.  Jean Seadon managed to secure a shot for Bridport so ensuring the extra 2 points.

Thursday the 9th saw Bridport ladies and men go their separate ways – the men travelled west to play Lyme Regis men in a friendly.  Not that friendly as Bridport were against strong opposition and didn’t manage to win a rink.  Best of the bunch was Crimp, Edwards, Griffiths and Bartlett losing by just 3 shots.

Ten ladies went east to Dorchester to play their National Top Club competion with 4 disciplines and one point for each winning one.  The weather was damp and windy but the first to win was Pamela Daters, our singles player, next to get out of the rain were the triples where Dorchester gained the point.  The pairs finished next winning their round so all rested on the team of four, still playing.  They went into the last end 18 shots each and the last end was a “tied” end where both the measure was so close they couldn’t be separated.  So ½ a point each making 1 ½ to Dorchester and 2 ½ to Bridport.  Should Dorchester have won the rinks game so two points each, Bridport would have one on shot difference – just 3 in it!  Well done Bridport ladies.

Bridport B were away to Melcombe Regis B on Friday evening.  Just two points for the winning rink of Crimp, Aylott, Stone and Bourne.

On a warm and sunny Saturday, President Paul Tibble formally handed the green to Ladies County President Carol Beckford for the quarter and semi-finals of the Senior Fours and the Semi-final of the under 25 singles.  A great day of bowling with the semi-finals being played after lunch.  A busy day in the kitchen for six of our members but the ladies were well looked after and kept supplied with refreshments throughout the day.  The two finalists of the Senior Fours were a team from Poole Park and a team from Sherborne.  The winner of these two will travel to Leamington to take part in the Ladies National Competition.  Usually two teams would go but this year, because of the Commonwealth Games being held at Leamington, only one team will travel.

Sixteen members had a lovely day out on Sunday travelling to Wells for a look around the city and a game of bowls against Wells.  Their green is in the middle of a park and quite often a band is playing on the bandstand so you have music while you bowl.  Honours equal here with two winning and two losing rinks.  Honours to Dave Gundry, Liz Kennedy, Paul Tibble and Brian Rumble.#

Laura Taylor