A good start to the week for Bridport men in the County League.  The top team were away to Dorchester A resulting in one drawn rink and two winning rinks.  Honours to Craddock, Brooks, Shortland and Thorne.

The ladies from Blandford arrived Tuesday afternoon all ready to play the Bridport ladies, then the storm hit.  The green was completely flooded which has not been seen for over twenty years, if at all!  The Blandford ladies waited 1½ before the rain had lessened allowing them to travel home.  Once out of Bridport they didn’t even encounter a puddle!  The green drained and was ready for the Tuesday evening club night at 6 pm.

A friendly on Thursday against Crewkerne resulted in just one winning rink – well done to Cheryl Mackenzie, Sandy Peters, John Carter and Bob Taylor. Again, it was great to see so many new members taking part.

Bridport A were home to Greenhill B on Friday with a good win – three winning rinks and all the points.  Well done to Taylor, Hoskins, Tibble and Smith.

A lovely day on Saturday, just right for our Presidents Day.  There was a really good turn out and a spider started the fun.  All players surround the green and aim one bowl towards the spider in the middle.  The nearest wins a bottle of fizz which on ths occasion was Lyn Craddock.  A five rink game of bowls was followed by a lovely spread of cheese and wine provided by our President, Paul Tibble.  The overall winners of the game were Dave Smith, Petra Morgan and Brian Medland.  I have been sworn to secrecy not to mention the winners of the wooden spoons.  The raffle along with the spider raised around £200 which will be put towards our Centenary celebrations next year.

The week was brought to a close by a visit to the picturesque green of Chardstock.  Bridport had one drawn and one winning rink of Carol Broad, Dave Gundry, Peter Scott and Marion Carter.  A great afternoon meeting up with old friends and enjoying

the beautiful setting.