Bridport were away to Melcombe Regis this week for the last match of the season.  There was one winning rink of Craddock, Brooks, Shortland and Thorne whose huge score saw them taking the overall points by 3 shots.

Bridport A had a rearranged game against Portland Borstal with mixed fortunes.  One winning, one drawn and one losing rink. Top rink of Edwards, Standring, Carter and Bartlett.

Wednesday saw the first of a flurry of touring sides which come at the end of the season.  This one was from Pendine in Wales.  Great afternoon with an interesting team and three winning rinks each.  Our top rink was Liz Kennedy, Trevor Deadman-Spall, Lyn Craddock and Marion Carter.  One thing has to be mentioned – Pendine were short of a player so we loaned them a Bridport member – Frances Hewett.  I think there will be a place on the coach for Frances when they return to Pendine as she played so well our poor team lost by 31 shots to 6!

On Friday Bridport A were home to Dorchester A for the final match of the South Dorset League this season.  One winning rink, one drawn and one losing rink but no overall points for Bridport.  Well done to the winning rink of Taylor, Hoskins, Scott and Taylor with Bob Taylor having come in as a last minute replacement.

The B team were away to Dorchester with one winning rink of Edwards, Aylott, Pomeroy and Bourne.

The annual ladies -v- gents took place on Saturday.  As there are more men than ladies, 4 kindly gents played for the ladies team.  The men prevailed but we will get our revenge next year.  Top winning rink for the Ladies was Frances Hewett, Joan Smith, Margaret Strange and Jill Willcox.  For the men Steve Crimp, Dave Alcock, Bob Willcox and Steve Bartlett.

Here’s how our men’s captain, Steve, saw things:

Originally because there were more men than ladies, four men (after alcohol) volunteered to play for the ladies team, Clive, Pete Scott and both the Hoskins boys.  When they all turned up in “full rig” = dresses, wigs, make-up and even items of underwear, to say that eyebrows were raised wouldn’t do it justice.

To cap it all these four “ladies” were drawn against my rnk, you might imagine some of the comments that were passed across the rink during this game, some too rude to put into print in any respectable article.

Whoever thought bowling was boring!!!